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Our information - Chef are you !!!

Information about our company.
Chef'sYou dedicated innovation and quality in the professional food industry and home house. The skills at your technical are results at 25 years of experience on the application field.
Chef's you is a range of products created by chef in the best cookery tradition with typical Italian recipes. At this was added modern technical feed, in order to make the range Chef'sYou excellent from the point of view of taste, and conservation.
Us before chef, we are lovers of the culinary art, and put on our passion in what we do for you.
Chef'sYou was created to "help"  in the kitchen for those who, like us, appreciate the good taste on the table.
Signed: Piernicola,Piergiorgio,Edoardo,Alessandra,Dominique,Stefania,Vincenza.

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